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14 Seater Minibus Hire Walsall And 16 Seat Minibus Hire

14 16 Seat Walsall Minibus Hire with Driver

At Coach Hire Walsall, our main objective is to offer excellent transport services to all our clients. We usually focus on ensuring that all our customers travel in comfort and on time. It's for that reason, that we repair our vehicles regularly to avoid any chances of vehicle breakdowns during the journey. These vehicles are examined and repaired by professional mechanics, who have been in the industry for years and thus, they have the experience of keeping a vehicle in a good working condition.

Our 14 seater minibuses and 16 seater minibus hire Walsall fleet are ideal for transporting a larger group of travellers. For instance, if you and your business colleagues are attending a business meeting, a funeral or just any other trip, you will find out minibuses very useful. They will help you to avoid the inconveniences associated with using public trains and buses. You don't have to have to switch buses for you to reach your desired destination.

Luxurious & Comfortable Vehicles

It's a dream of every traveller to use a luxurious vehicle. Though there is a misconception that only Mercedes-Benz and other small cars are the only luxurious vehicles. At Coach Hire Walsall, we intend to prove that this belief is wrong. We have succeeded in making of minibuses, coaches, and mini coaches offer a VIP class travel our clients. Our fleet in features soft leather seats. The traveller can adjust these seats to offer the highest possible level of comfort when traveling. Besides, each seat as enough leg room to allow you to sit comfortably and also a seatbelt to ensure that you sit firmly.

We have installed free Wi-Fi in all our executive coaches, mini coaches, and minibuses to give our customers a chance to surf the internet as they cruise to their destinations. That means you can always update your social media status, reply to your emails, and even connect with other people as you travel with us. We have also installed in each vehicle a cooler to keep your drinks cool as you travel during a warm day. If you are traveling during a cold day, your driver will turn on the overhead heating system found in each vehicle to keep you warm. Therefore, traveling with us offers an extra positive experience as compared to any other vehicle.

Long journeys can be tiresome in the boring. If you have been traveling for the last 6 hours it might feel like you travelled for 10 hours. To ease this feeling, we have added entertainment units to each of our vehicles. Thus, do you can always request you a driver to turn on a TV or play your favourite music you sing DVD players and MP3 players found in all vehicles. If you decide to listen to music or radio from your phone, laptop or tablet, you can always connect your device to the available electronic socket found in our vehicles. You can also use our free Wi-Fi the stream films, funny clips or even music from the internet and listen as you travel with us.

Affordable Hire Rates

One of the things that our customers like about our company is rational rates we charge for our excellent travel services. We don't charge hidden charges and our prices are fair as compared to what is in the transport industry as of today. Though most people perceive hiring a private minibus, coach, or mini coach as too expensive, at Coach Hire Walsall, we offer these services to help our customers save their money. In fact, 14 seater minibus and 12 seater minibus offer you a perfect chance to transport more than 10 people in one vehicle at a reasonable price.

For more information about our minibuses, coaches, and mini coaches, or even booking, contact our customer care representative.