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Among the most popular industrial towns in the Midlands area of Britain is Walsall town. The town was founded in the 13th century when it is a simple Market with a weekly Market Day. Limestone quarrying activities made the town popular during the industrial revolution and the population of the town started growing very fast. Is the mining activities declined, the population of the town started shrinking. And today the town is an industrial centre over at a small scale.

However, Walsall Town features a variety of restaurants, shopping centres, cultural events, and other activities that draw tourists from other towns and even from within Walsall town. The town also offers a broad range of interesting sites, museums, parks, and other things that attract people to visit the town. The Walsall Arboretum which is located near the town centre provides a perfect chance for you to get out of the busy city life. This popular Victorian Park was built in the 1860s and it is a perfect ground for children to play and have a great time with you ever loved ones. If you are interested in museums, the famous Walsall Leather Museum which is located the Victorian leather factory will offer you insights into the town's leather industry.

The museum celebrates Walsall's success as the leading producer of sandals during the Industrial Revolution. When traveling with your 12 or 14 companions, you should ask yourself, "should I use a public bus or hire a transport service company to visit these places?" keep in mind that, though using a public bus seems cheap, it is associated with many inconveniences. For example, not all public buses pass near various museums and interesting sites and therefore, you may be first to walk to reach your desired destination after alighting the bus.

At Coach Hire Walsall, we believe that an interesting trip is associated with a comfortable, safe, and the convenient transport. With that, we have taken a few measures, to make sure that our customers experience the highest level of comfort and safety as they travel from one location to another in Walsall town.

Our vehicles patches to from popular manufacturers homemade robust automobiles to minimize the chances of breakdowns during the journey. Besides, our coaches, mini coaches, and the minibuses are regularly inspected and repaired by our competent team of mechanics. If any issue is discovered it is corrected it is possible to make sure that they can travel without any hitch.

When hiring drivers, we usually take the responsibility of performing thorough backgrounds checks to ensure that we have employed only drivers with a great personality who have our clients professionally. Thus, none of our drivers has a criminal record or even a history of drug abuse or substance abuse. Therefore, our customers can be assured of safety and being in the hands of a professional driver and not a rascal.

Boredom and the tiredness some of the things that you cannot avoid when traveling especially for long distances. However, being entertained is one way of easing the effects of boredom and the tiredness. For that reason, we have installed DVD players, flat screens, music systems, and the other entertainment units to ensure that all our customers feel entertained as they travel. You have the freedom of telling your driveway your favourite music or your favourite film if you want to watch as you travel. After all, we always customize our services to fit our clients' needs.

One of the things you will notice when travelling with us is that we don't charge hidden fees. For excellent yet affordable coach hire, mini coach hire, or minibus hire services, contact us.