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49 Seater and 50 Seat Coach Hire

49 50 Seat Walsall Coach Hire

At Coach Hire Walsall, we offer 49 seat coaches and 50 seat coaches for hire at pocket-friendly cost. These coaches are ideal for various social events such as weddings, funerals, tours, study trips, and more. Regardless of the function you wish you and your 49 companions to attend, Coach Hire Walsall guarantees that you will safely and in style travel to your desired destination. We understand that travelling as a group can go a long way in strengthening of the bond between the travellers and even enhance their overall travel experience.

Most corporates in Walsall find our 49-seater coaches and 50-seater coaches useful when it comes to transferring their delegates from one location such as airport to the hotels where the delegates will be spending their time. The coaches are also helpful I transporting these delegates from their hotels to trade fair venues, conferences, and more. In fact, we focus on ensuring that your business delegates are where they need to be in time.

Besides, these coaches fit most optimal groups effectively and still leaves some space for luggage. For instance, a team of footballers and their fans attending a football match in Walsall will find out 50-seater coach very useful. Besides, if the group of the travellers is bigger than he seating capacity of this coach, we will our customers to hire at least two coaches or even a coach and a minibus.

The 50 seat coaches and 49 seat coaches are also ideal for church-related missions, education trips, or even a family and their friends who wish to have great time outdoors. One way of minimizing transport costs especially when transporting a larger number of travellers is by making sure that you hire only one vehicle that can serve all of you at once. That's what our luxurious 50-seater coach hire service does.

Included in our fleet is the latest models from popular brands such as Volvo and Iveco coaches. We also ensure that our fleet is inspected regularly, serviced where need be and the entire fleet is always ready for journeys. We don't want a situation where our clients are delayed by unnecessary vehicle breakdowns.

What brings the difference between the services offered at Coach Hire Walsall and other travel services offered by other transport companies is the level of reliability, convenience, and the rational prices we charge for our excellent services. In most cases, low prices are associated with low quality products and services, but at Coach Hire Walsall, things are different: we charge great prices for excellent VIP-class travel services because that's what our loyal clients deserve.

Our team of drivers, mechanics, and client support are highly trained on how to interact with clients in a friendly manner and at the same time maintaining professionalism. They are kind, gentile, and friendly to create an environment where you can easily interact with them and get help. However, our employees will not invade your privacy especially asking too personal questions. If you have to give private details, for instance, your identity, place of residence, date and travel schedule, and more, rest assured that we will use this information to make arrangements for your travels and won't be disclosed to a third party.

Your payment information will also be kept secret and safe from third parties and thus you don't have to be afraid of making online payments.